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custom changes available​

custom changes can range from adjusting sleeve length, to extending the train, to switching out laces, to combining elements of different gowns. below indicates the pricing on different changes. for completely custom looks or questions on changes available, please contact meagankelly directly

combining dresses

if you have a client who wants to combine a top of one gown, and the skirt of another, you can! we would go off the cost of the more expensive gown, and add $50 for the pattern change. 

Best to contact meagankelly for specific customizations and for an exact quote/cost for custom change


All are priced based off single layer, to double layers, double cost

• Amanda Overskirt - organza, 1 layer, pleated 80” train $350 (sample is size 10 in ivory) – connected or open at the princess seams

• Tulle overskirt – gathered at waist, 1 layer (volume of our veils) 102” train, removable from dress with hook and eyes, open in the front from princess seam to princess seam $400

• Tulle Double circle skirt with 80” train $500

• Satin Version of Amanda - $400

• Taffeta Version of Amanda $400

                   $100 to double the layers 

Beaded waistband will range $100-300

Lace appliques will range per lace – hard to quote for this. call or contact for pricing

Scattered crystals or pearls

o $100-300 depending on how many are scattered.

Horsehair hem

o 2” - $100 per layer

o 3” $125 per layer

o 4” $150 per layer

Additional Costs

• Size 18-32 Cost

o 100 for extra yardage of fabrics

• Additional Hem Length

o $25-$50 for every 5”. Best to contact meagankelly 

• Additional Train Length

o $50-$100 per Foot. Best to contact meagankelly

Bodice Beading

o Dusted $50

 This is just a dusting of sparkle. 1 gross (144 pieces of 3 options) tiny clear sequins, seed beads, crystals and/or pearls

o Frosted $100

 Heavier beading. 3 gross (432 pieces of 3 options Tiny clear sequins, seed beads, crystals and/or pearls

o Encrusted $200

 Heaviest beading. 6 gross (864 pieces of 3 options tiny clear sequins, seed beads, crystals and/or pearls


o Top $25,  full dress/skirt$50-$100

Neckline and Silhouette changes

o $50

o $100 – will really be determined by the design change

Add sleeves

o $50-100

Make top into…:

o bodysuit $50-100 / Romper $100-250

Add length to romper inseam

o $25 per 3”

o Make into Pants $100- $250 depending on fabric


o $50