Custom Design Details​

When choosing a custom bridal gown option, you can do just about anything your heart desires. If you can dream it, we will make it happen. As a custom designed gown is made to fit you perfectly, the process is quite different than ordering your size from a collection or traditional bridal salon. An ideal timeframe for a custom gown is 6-8 months before the wedding. The Custom Bridal Process is shown below. Plan to have about 4-5 fittings, 1 fitting every month to 6 weeks. The ideal timeframe for a custom gown is 6-8 months before the wedding.

• Design – During this consultation, you can try on sample gowns and different silhouettes to find what you love. Once you have the idea in place, we will discuss fabric options, color charts and any additional appliques, beadwork, accessories, etc. Then we will sketch out your idea on paper so you can see it come to life. During this consultation, a 50% deposit down on the gown/design will get the process started. Once the deposit has been made, we will take your measurements (this can take up to 10 minutes depending on the style of the design).

• Muslin fitting – 2 weeks after measurements are taken, you will come in for a muslin fitting with a cotton mockup of the dress. Here is where you can make any changes (within reason) before the material is cut. During this fitting, we focus on the fit and the pattern pieces. This, often times, lasts no more than 10-15 minutes.

• 1st fitting – A month later, you will get to see the start of the gown in the fabric of your dress! The gown will be made from the muslin fitted and drawn out on the previous fitting. Your expectations for this fitting can range from seeing the lining of the gown, all the way up to almost the full gown minus the finishing touches. Typically, this will be a zipper-less or corset-less fitting and will not have a hem, as adjustments might need to be made. This will be determined by the complexity of the design.

• 2nd fitting – A month later, you will come back in for another fitting. All the work from the previous fitting will be completed, and if there are any additions to the gown, like lace or appliques, they would start to appear here. This fitting should be the last for the fit of the gown bodice and skirt. Here is where we will pin your hem. Make sure to bring your shoes!

• 3rd Fitting – A month later, you can expect your hem to be completed and any hand work on the gown to be done. This is the last fitting before your big reveal. (depending on the complexity of design and fit, there might be one more required fitting)

• Big Reveal – 2 weeks to a month later, we will have a big reveal party for you, your friends and family (really, it is up to you to bring whoever you would like). This is when your gown will be completed and ready to be presented to your loved ones. (Some brides like a full house, while others enjoy the company of just the mothers and siblings). We will pop bottles of champagne, eat French Macarons and mini cupcakes. This is your moment to shine and we will do everything in our power to make the moment unforgettable!

If your wedding is less than the 6 months away, don’t fret! We can add a rush to the gown and your fitting timeframe will be in weeks vs. months.

We look forward to making your bridal gown dreams take life!

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