Ashley & Barrett

We just love being able to travel to meet potential brides!  When you are planning a destination wedding, things can get a bit hectic and we were so happy that we could offer Ashley the destination service! Not only did we pack up the car with about 15 samples, but brought swatches, sketchbooks, yardage of different kinds of lace, details, beadwork and belts. We wanted to make sure that Ashley felt as special as possible for her big day at Bear Lake Reserve. Since she couldn't make it to the studio, we brought the studio to her.

Ashley was first introduced to meagank​elly by Owner and Founder Amanda Richardson, of Events by Bella. They offer a full range of wedding planning services, and this couple chose the full service. Partnering with such a great wedding planning team is awesome, because we get to meet so many brides like Ashley. Amanda sent me several pictures of ideas for gowns that Ashley was looking at and loved. I was super excited to see that we had mostly what she was looking at, which would give her many options to try on. Since she lives out of state, it was important to recommend that she try on other gowns, because rarely does a bride fall in love with the idea of what they want. About 2 days before our trip to Bear Lake Reserve, I received some pictures from Amanda of what Ashley fell in love with. She looked stunning in the pictures. Her style changed from a lace top with sleeves and a flowing, circle skirt, to a fit and flare dress in all lace with a champagne undertone. The smile in her pictures said it all. Unfortunately, all of our sample gowns that matched this description were in mid production, awaiting construction, fabrication and what not, for their February debut. I started to panic because I wanted to make sure that this bride felt in every way, special. What was I going to pack and bring with me? So I packed all the lace that I had, swatches and similar silhouettes of the gown she liked hoping for the best. Well, it paid off!

With the car packed, I set off on a 3 hour drive to Bear Lake Reserve, where the bride will be tying the knot with her future hubby. What a gorgeous place! Seeing the venue, allowed me the opportunity to see where she is getting married and let me get a sense of how the appointment would go. We discussed the pictures of what she loves in detail, debated over a plethora of color swatches and materials, until we came up with the perfect design for her gown. Once we discussed the basics, I  had her try on a satin mermaid gown. This was truly only to see the fit, but it was a winner. When she walked out of the room, to show her family, the ooooh's and aaaaaah's were incredible. She just killed it in the gown. Fit and flare was a thing of the past... hello mermaid! The decision was easy, a lace mermaid gown. The way that the silhouette hugged her in all the right places, made this decision a no-brainer. Since she fit the sample size almost to a t, so not much more was needed. We confirmed the color and fabric choices, sketched out the gown, set her up with her follow up fittings. Just like that, Ashley became a meagankelly bride  and she was off to a cake and food tasting.  We could not be more honored to make her dream gown!

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